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E-commerce Trends You Need to Know Today

October 22, 2021

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Online Shopping Is Increasing

E-commerce sales have been expanding as individuals are becoming more comfortable with online shopping due to its ease of use and security, thanks to modern advancements in digitalization. Web-based shopping is one of the most well-known online activities these days. In this bustling world, individuals are becoming accustomed make purchases online instead of visiting physical stores. According to Statista, the global E-commerce industry is persistently increasing and its global revenue is expected to hit $6.5 Trillion by 2023.

Additionally, the trust factor among customers is also increasing as they keep on shopping through online channels. Web sites that guarantee that their customers leave with a great experience are the ones that are bound to have high customer retention. Therefore, client cordial sites are the ones that are bound to flourish over the long haul.


Environmental Sustainability Will Play a Bigger Factor

Studies have shown that green consumerism affects online buying patterns. Almost four in every ten online shoppers say that poor natural records impact their buying choices (GlobalWebIndex, 2020). 


As a web-based business, you ought to endeavor to make more environment-friendly practices. Purchasers these days have become more aware of the environment than at any time in recent memory and for the right reasons. Individuals are ready to buy products and services that are eco-friendly and are likely to shop from brands whose online sales strategies don't harm nature. According to Statista, with regards to future spending and social impact, millennials are simply the most cognizant generation.


Chatbots Will Become More Common Practice

E-commerce chatbots serve as a powerful lead generation tool for online retailers. Companies are increasingly using chatbots, which helps them engage passive visitors on their website, mobile app, or other digital channels and converts them into engaged prospects. Chatbots are designed to manage a more extensive scope of visitors’ queries. The eventual fate of E-commerce businesses relies upon customer interactions and making conversational chatbots is the right step towards this path.

64% of consumers claim that the most useful feature of chatbots is that they are available around the clock.

 Benefits of chatbots according to customers

  • Friendly & Approachable
  • Easy Communication
  • Answer Simple Questions
  • Instant Response
  • 24-Hours Service


Advanced Role of Social Media in E-commerce

The number of social media users is constantly expanding and so is the opportunity for online businesses to target this customer base. With services like "Instagram Checkout" and the "Buy" button on Facebook, social media is playing a huge role in the realm of the E-commerce world. Social media has changed our lives, our routines, and the manner in which we purchase things. This is an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to elevate their position in the global market via social media. Social media is an incredible platform for brands to get noticed. With shoppers spending so much time on social media applications, businesses can find support from influencers to increase their chance of targeting their intended audience.

With platforms like Shopify, businesses can connect their digital stores with social media platforms. This helps buyers in making purchases from them directly. Instagram and Facebook, for instance, are continually upgrading their platforms to meet the needs of online shoppers.


Augmented Reality Is Transforming How We Shop

One of the fundamental worries that individuals have while shopping online is the inability to see the item firsthand. Augmented Reality (AR) innovation helps overcome this issue and empowers online customers to envision the products that they are keen on buying. By 2022, more than 120,000 stores will utilize Augmented Reality (AR) technology, offering an interactive purchasing experience to the customers (Prnewswire, 2018). 

For online purchasers, this could be a distinct advantage. AR can change the way that internet-based clients experience the products that they plan to purchase. With the utilization of AR, clients will find it easy to analyze whether the products meet their needs and whether they actually need them or not. Some online businesses have begun to try different things with AR, which will assist them with standing apart from the competitors. Providing customized experiences to purchasers will eventually mean a better shopping experience for customers.

There are a lot of new trends and approaches being used in E-commerce on a daily basis. Technology and digital platforms are updated frequently with new features to assist companies in order to increase their sales. There is a lot that the future has to offer. Companies should always learn and implement something new, observe their competitors, and then evaluate what works best for them. Customer is King, so E-commerce businesses should make sure they provide them with the best, make their life easier and give some power in their hands.


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