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Mobile app

Mobile App Development

Eritheia Labs is an IT service provider that specializes in custom mobile app development. We use our years of experience and the latest technology to make native apps for both Android and iOS that are engaging, easy to use, and full of features. We have the technical know-how and project management skills to deliver results, whether you want a simple MVP to test a concept or a complex enterprise-level solution.


Web App Development

Eritheia Labs’s team of experienced engineers will design, build, and deploy web applications that will take your vision for a web application and make it a reality. We specialize in creating custom-built solutions based on the latest technologies. Our scalable architectures are designed to work with some of the biggest cloud providers - ensuring reliable, secure performance with low latency.


Cloud Consulting

Eritheia Labs Cloud Consulting is a full-service IT company that focuses on cloud services and consulting. We help businesses get the most out of their technology investments so that their processes work as well as possible. Our custom cloud solutions let businesses move at the speed of innovation, scaling up or down quickly while taking advantage of low-cost platforms and safe technologies.


Software Product Engineering

Eritheia Labs offers the perfect IT Outsourcing and Software Development package for all your software product engineering needs. We specialize in developing custom software solutions that solve real-world, mission-critical problems. With over 9 years of experience and a team of seasoned professionals, Eritheia Labs can help you deliver on time, every time.


Offshore Software Development

Eritheia Labs is a leading IT service provider specialising in international offshore software development. Our services cover all stages of the SDLC, from architecture design and project management to software coding, testing, and maintenance. We have extensive experience in a range of technologies that includes web applications, enterprise solutions, mobile app development, and more. With our team of professional developers located around the globe, we are dedicated to providing top quality solutions that meet our clients' exact needs.


Blockchain Development

Eritheia Labs is a professional IT service company that focuses on developing blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. We have the knowledge and experience to build platforms that create secure and immutable ledgers, distribute money swiftly, and allow users to take part in decentralised activities such as voting or asset tokenization.


DevOps Services

Eritheia Labs provides DevOps services and consulting to eliminate Software Delivery pain points, maximize deployment velocity, and lower operational costs. We help our customers quickly deliver best-of-breed continuity and performance across the software stack, no matter their size or technology inventory.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The use of software with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to handle administrative and repetitive tasks is known as robotic process automation (RPA).Eritheia Labs bring automation, scalability, and visibility to your business to help you streamline your everyday processes and make them more efficient.

Our Core Values

Empowering the World Through Technology


Our recipe for success has always been hard work, determination, and building strong individuals and teams. We believe the biggest asset for any organization is its workforce and team. We believe in leading from the front, developing a good relationship with the team members, and pushing people to think beyond their limits. We want to continue our journey to empower the world through technology and thrive on constant innovation. We at Eritheia Labs would rather miss out on a lot of opportunities to focus on providing quality work to those we work for!

Our Mission

Dedication to Customer Service

Our mission is to provide a world-class customer service experience by not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Quality of Delivery

We try to always give results that are better than the highest standards for quality and accuracy and show that we are committed to the best practices and policies of our industry.

Commitment to Innovation

We want to stay at the top of the Tech-Industry by staying ahead of trends and keeping an open line of communication with our clients about their future needs.

Accountability and transparency

Because we are committed to getting measurable results, we are responsible for each one of our projects from start to finish. The development team keeps in touch with us throughout the whole process.

Why to Choose Eritheia Labs

as Your IT, Software Development and Managed Services Company

Eritheia Labs is a Pakistani IT, Software Development, and Managed Services Company that consults with top organizations to maximize their success. Our professionals have a lot of experience, so they can make solutions that fit the needs of each industry partner. With our reliable managed services, businesses can make the most of what they already have and get the most out of their data systems. Get consultations from our experts today and join a top-rated company in Pakistan!

What We Offer

As always, partners grows with you!

Our Projects

As always, partners grow with you!

Our Vision

Our Vision is dedicated to creating innovative solutions and giving our customers the highest quality IT technology products. We strive to be a team that puts the success of our clients first and designs custom IT products. With robust research and development, we design and deliver advanced products and services for companies and individuals striving for technological advancements in their industry. We are passionate about discovering new approaches that can revolutionize the way people operate their businesses and lives and ultimately create meaningful changes towards achieving progress.


Jeroen - Live Streaming Platform

Please, don't look any further. These are the pros. Very pro-active communication. They deliver what they promise. Thanks, Azan and Khurram from Eritheia Labs!

Small logo Recent Review

Eritheia Labs under Muhammad’s mentorship have/has got some really skilled developers. They really helped us bring our project from a messy situation to a reasonably good position. I have a lot of faith in the Muhammad & Eritheia Labs Team, which is why I am hiring them again for further work on the project.

Small logo Recent Review
Twana Aziz

Eritheia Labs have great Ruby developers. They completed the project in just few days and fixed all the bugs. They are fast and very skilled over all. I would recommend Eritheia Labs to any one who needs quality. Many Thanks.

Small logo Recent Review

Azan & Basit, from Eritheia Labs, have the skill of asking the right questions that allows them to dig deeper into the technical issues and business needs. Azan isn't just concerned about completing the job, he is also concerned about doing things the 'right way' and leading the team well. That is very valuable for someone like me who is unable to appreciate the technical side of things.

Small logo Recent Review

Eritheia Labs development team is pragmatic, well communicative and self-directed. Design choices were exceptional. I would use this team again certainly.

Small logo Recent Review

We originally hired Azan to assist our team as a front-end developer. Soon after we started working with him, realizing how strong his work ethic and communication skills are, we promoted him to be our lead developer. Shortly after that, we hired two additional members of Eritheia Labs to help complete our project. This project was fairly complex and Azan and other team members have been great to work with from start to finish. I highly recommend them if you're looking for an RoR development team for your project.

Small logo Recent Review

Azan & Hafiz, who are part of Eritheia Labs, are one of the better contractors on Upwork. They have worked on several projects of mine. Doing anything from PSD extraction and manipulation to heavy backend/frontend development work. I strongly encourage anyone considering them and team Eritheia Labs as a freelancer / contractor to reach out and speak to him and his team. Quick turnaround, responsive, and prompt all the way around.

Small logo Recent Review

Experience with Azan & Hamza from Eritheia Labs was great. His team did amazing work by learning new frameworks and he was very responsive to our comments. I would definitely hire them again for future needs.

Small logo Recent Review


You Ask, We Answer

Eritheia Labs is a software development company that provides customized IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. We specialize in web development, mobile app development, and software engineering.
Eritheia Labs works with clients from various industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, education, and more.
We understand that projects may change over time, and we work closely with our clients to accommodate any updates or changes as needed. We provide regular status updates and maintain transparency throughout the development process.
Our process typically involves an initial consultation to discuss your project goals and requirements, followed by a proposal outlining the scope of work and estimated timeline. Once we agree on the terms, we begin the development process and provide regular updates and communication throughout the project.

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