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7 Tips to Design better Mobile Applications

There are a lot of reasons to build an effective website for business but that’s not enough for a successful business. According to the stats, count of smartphone users has increased around 2.87 billion in 2020. People try to find solution of every problem on smartphones first and then approach someone physically. Accept it or not, this is true! They have high shifting power due to overloaded pool of mobile applications and it’s easy for them to out seen yours. If your app is not taking their attention or the number of downloads is lower than your expectations, implement these 7 tricks today.

Create Responsive Design

Responsiveness should be the priority to make sure you’re covering all of the target audience. There is a chance of losing a major chunk of your application users if it is not compatible with the range of devices. Ideally, a good approach is to develop 50/50 split unless you are targeting only specific set of users. Before launching an app, examine and evaluate what’s best for your business.

Realize the power of colors
While hiring someone for development of mobile application or choosing an app builder, we majorly focus on the functionality. And often forget about the colors game as we think it is less important. I am agreeing that an app should function properly but for getting more attention in a long run, it looks as “determined” as your business goal! Try to choose warm color combination. Tip: if your audience is country specific then do a little research on the running colors in that country.

Make it Offline friendly
The new trend is to give a facility to users that they can access their data of mobile application without using an internet. Just like YouTube, you can play a video without using internet when you’ve downloaded it. It has already got the attention of business sector and most of the owners are now trying to implement it in their apps.



Do not overdo it!
Content is, no doubt, powerful as it conveys your message to audience and helps them in finding what they want. That doesn’t mean that you fill out all the white spaces with content. In fact, too much content plays a negative role and repel the user. Only add images and text which can help user in navigation and provide necessary information, do not overdo it.

Introduce Animations and focus on icons
Your mobile application can stand from the crowd by using unique icons, headings, and fonts. Another option is to introduced animations and concepts of AR like measuring length in iPhone. It is not compulsory to invest a lot of money for adding next level animations; a simple animated graph or image can do the magic!

Keep your products/services in mind
Starting from the planning till the deployment, keep asking this question to yourself; do this feature is suitable for my product/service? Will it get attention of users? If the answer is yes, then keep progressing but if the answer is no or you get confused, stop. Take a break and rethink about it accordingly. Your app is the future of business growth, do not create fuzz and take your time.

ASO and SEO friendly
Create an application which is SEO or at-least ASO friendly to get on the top of the search results. There are ways and, developing Hybrid/Native mobile application is the best available option. These apps are SEO friendly when adopted good coding practices and, help in making you visible in the market.

These tricks are useful if you’re planning to have an application which generates revenue. If you’re still confused and want to know more, feel free to ask us!


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